CNC Set-Up

A mid-sized CNC shop in Lorain has an immediate opening for a CNC Set-up/Operator. This is a full-time, first shift position.

Job Duties & Requirements:

  • Must have 5+ years CNC set-up experience.
  • Will be responsible for setting up and proofing jobs on the Haas lathes and turning centers as well as incorporating suggestions from the Shop Foreman.
  • Must be proficient on CNC machining equipment such as lathes, turning centers, mills, and band-saws that comprise the job shop environment.
  • Will be the responsible to maintain quality checks for jobs that have been set-up for production.
  • Must be able to read and interpret part drawings.
  • Must have inspection tools to be able to properly check machined parts coming off of the CNC machines (Calipers, OD micrometers, depth micrometers, and appropriate gaging tools).
  • As set-up machinist must maintain quality when tool wear affects part quality, and understand the process of adjustment to maintain the quality.
  • Work with quality department to verify quality.
  • Have the ability to keep the machine loaded and in operation to maintain estimated production benchmarks.
  • To properly enter the appropriate data from the job travelers into the E2 ERP system.
  • CNC machine operators must monitor machinery, tools and the work-pieces for any problems during the production run.
  • Must be able to maintain proper part counts while running jobs.
  • Must be able to load and touch off tools, and probe datum points.
  • To have the ability to be mentored by the Shop Foreman in order to grow and become more productive over time. Also be attentive and listen to suggestions form the Shop Foreman.
  • Have the ability to be able to lift 70lbs. at any particular time.
  • Use all safety lifting apparatus whenever is appropriate.
  • Maintain a clean work area.
  • Must follow and observe all company safety regulations and guidelines.

Compensation & Benefits:

$18-$22 per hour, based on experience

401k with company match – Paid Vacation & Holidays – Medical Benefits & More

For immediate consideration, please send resume to

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