Show your employees love with a customized handbook- On Sale Now!

One of the easiest paths to happy employees is a well written employee handbook. Seems counter-intuitive, I know,we would think that employees would be unhappy about having to follow the rules, but it is true. Employees want to do a good job and employee handbooks give them the foundation to know what you expect from them- and what they can expect from you too! 

Well written handbooks set clear expectations while allowing management to retain the final say, provide a level playing field so that everyone is treated fairly and helps defend against harassment, unemployment claims and the like. 

Many small business think they don't need a handbook- they are too small, they are like a family, they don't want to put things in writing so they no longer get to decide what's best for their company, they can't afford one...all not true! Every company can benefit from a well written, legally compliant handbook. And while there are places that charge thousands of dollars for a customized handbook, many experienced HR consultants offer handbook solutions for a fraction of the cost.

For a limited time, Lighthouse HR Group is offering customized, legally reviewed handbooks for $350. This includes the consultation (which is free if you decide a handbook is not for you), handbook creation, as many revisions as necessary to make the handbook the perfect solution for your business and a handbook roll-out meeting to present the handbook to your employees. 

Contact us today to set up your no obligation consultation. Time is limited on this offer so don't delay!! 

Michele Hicks